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as a zombie this morning. >> there are saddling us with debt, the debt is absolutely killing us and we are back from the dead to say " no more debt ". it is a matter of life and death, it is the night of the living dead. >> here's a look at the numbers, the cost of law school at uc- davis would go up 10% in uc- berkeley business school fees would go up 23% and nursing school fees at ucsf, davis, and los angeles would go up 35%. we have seen a lot of protest outside of uc board of regents meetings. normally people protest a little bit more when they're talking about jacking up undergraduate prices but it seems that with a lot of these students they're just thinking that enough is enough. so we will hear from them at 8:30 a.m. and we will follow that for you live in san francisco. >> three new csu campus presidents will be paid substantially more than their predecessors. the board of regents has okayed the agreement for incoming presidents at san fransisco state, csu northridge in an csu san bernadino. the money is coming from private foundations. >> no funds from the foundation will be
march of anaheim boulevard in front of city hall, making arrests. >> thank you for joining us. michelle is on vacation >> this morning we begin with two fires in vallejo >> they erupted about 20 minutes apart this morning. firefighters were spread thin to fight the fires. it >> firefighters are still on the scene right now on amador street in vallejo. you can see this old victorian building with significant damage to the roof. firefighters continued to spray water on the inside of the building to make sure the fire is out. the building was divided into several small rooms because it used to be music studio and it has been under renovation, being turned back into a home but luckily, no one is living there right now. we shot this video just a few minutes after it broke out. very difficult for firefighters to fight, they spent about an hour inside until the ceiling started to collapse. the fire was hiding amongst the false ceilings >> we heard there were people possibly living inside and there was nobody actually inside. there was very little access because of the construction >> about 15
arriving at the site of a new 49ers stadium. >> workers will use it to set up beams to form the framework for the billion dollar plus project. lisa washington is that the construction site in san clara. >> what we move to a better location and you can see some of the first deal beams are actually already here. one of the construction workers told me they arrive as early as saturday said they will be getting to work creating a structure for the new 49ers stadium today. some of the construction workers right now are having a meeting. we're told this is about the work that will be done to create the structure and by the end of the week you can really tell that this will be a football stadium. it will be a $1.1 billion stadium adjacent to the 49ers headquarters. it will have 68,000 seats for all of the fans and earlier we told you about the head of the 49ers, mr. york, who says they're making sure the fans will be close to the field and close to the action. it says it will have high-tech features but the important part will be the first steel beams that will be installed, creati
tree house has burned for the second time this year he joins us with the latest. >>> a is sad morning in martinez firefighters wrapped up his house fire that destroyed the christmas tree house this video shot by a neighbor is that thousands of visitors every year it caught fire earlier this year, it has been completely destroyed only the chimney left the house next door also sustained damage. >>> i woke up to a big bang and popping a look out the window, it was bright orange again, i knew the house was on fire again. >>> i feel sad about my neighbors to go through this again. i know why this happens to us it is sad. >>> that was joseph brought the owner of the house, this is the second fire since january they planned on demolishing it because it was abandoned for six months. the fire started at 4:00 a.m. at the christmas tree house thousands had come to see completely destroyed by fire no injuries reported. >>> crews in santa clara county on the scene of a fire right now beginning to this morning on the lemans tape drive in saratoga, that is near west valley college, the house has bee
behind us on the rooftops along the embarcadero. a little bit cooler today, mid- 50s in san francisco. temperatures today anywhere from two-seven degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. coming up, we will show you a look at that 7 day forecast. >> we will get more information to you right now on breaking news in san jose, we just learned a few more details from authorities. police are saying that to more people were found dead in this area. they are still looking for the gunman in and around the area. we will go to the map right now and show you a map of the location. streets are blocked in and around the area so avoided if you can. also getting reports of a brand new accident on san tomas expressway and el camino real out. chp is on the scene and another accident just reported east bound 580. you can see on the sensors that the traffic is slower. >> the top story of the morning, the colorado shooting massacre. >> michelle is in aurora colorado where the victims are being remembered. >> many vigils were held last night to remember the victims, the governor even spoke with some of t
. protesters say they were showing support for people previously arrested for using chop on sidewalks. they began throwing bottles and at police. all four officers are recovering from minor injuries >> hot dry windy conditions are giving firefighters a rough time in the sierra foothills. they're struggling to battle the wild fire that has been burning in placer county since wednesday. it has now grown to 800 a.. it is only 10 percent contained right now, up to 150 homes are threatened in the heavily wooded area. many evacuees are staying in a red cross shelter in forestville. >> we're worried about the house but we got everyone out and that is what matters. >> so far and no one was injured and the causes under investigation should. president obama says he wants to do better talking about where the country is headed. >> there is new speculation about a running mate for mitt romney. >> we will hear more about who he might be adding to the short list in just a moment but first, obama is speaking exclusively with cbs news talking about his big regrets and the lesson is learned in his firs
u.s. troops. six of them died after a roadside bomb hit an armored vehicle south of kabul. another american was killed in an attack in southern afghanistan, 29 others including civilians and policemen were killed in other bombings and attacks. president obama going on the offensive against republicans in congress over the bush tax cuts. the president will head to the rose garden today and call for a one-year extension of the cuts for families making less than $250,000. house republicans want a permanent extension for everyone, not just those making less than $250,000. so we're asking you, should the bush tax cuts he extended to just a low income middle-class americans, or everyone? share your thoughts with us on facebook or twitter or e-mail us from cbs 5 .com. if your computer will not connect today you are likely the victim of metalware. cate caugurian is here to explain how to reconnect if you have been affected. >> good morning, if you have not heard about the warnings, the best way to get reconnected is to get on the phone with your internet service provider. you may be one of
from a u.s. attorney threatening them or warning of property seizures in prison sentences. in the past local officials have said that the only dispensaries located near schools and parks and other places where children congregate are targeted to be closed. however, a stolen ford in a public health today's scheduled to be the last day of business for both of these medical marijuana dispensaries the public health, they are are feared that 20 permanent dispensaries in san francisco. live in san francisco this morning, we saw washington cbs five. >> a popular barbecue joint is damage, the result of a fire. patrick joins us from berkeley right now to explain why the damage could have been worse. >> i'm here at everett and jones barbeque in oakland. , and in berkeley. this place is famous for brisket, beef, chicken, barbecue, it was closed on university for several hours as firefighters battled the blaze. there was minimal damage to the building and berkeley chief avery wed tells us why >> the building is heavily constructed, primarily cinderblock, so that will help keep it burning more than
the people are thought a place to live lisa washington with more. >>> joining us live is woody baker with an update >>> the peak of this we were helping 19 adults and three children fortunately a lot of people were able to go back into their house adjacent to the fire people affected are from three different houses and, it is fortunate that homeowners insurance that will be taken up by their insurance policies one person has pre-existing medical conditions and other than that things are quiet. >>> and the people directly affected by the fire? >>> approximately 19 adults and three children may be a couple less in adjacent buildings. >>> most able to return home and have insurance >>> nobody was injured. all things considered a good outcome >>> whattya baker with the red cross bay area chapter they initially were assisting 19 adults and three children most of whom are able to return to their homes. the 11 buildings adjacent to those that burned. only if you directly affected by the fire. that is the latest in san francisco. >>> we do know the fire is affecting traffic in their area eli
because of its size. its service over 100,000 patients. u.s. attorney filed a statement yesterday saying it is about the measure efforts to address the proliferation of illegal marijuana businesses in the northern district of california. i was approached by a cancer patient a few minutes ago who came here and said this is one of the most professionally run organizations he has been to >> it shouldn't be anything they need to worry about. there are no schools, it is by a freeway, feel is, the reason they do this is for patients. for me, the fed is coming down on these guys is the wrong thing. that is just my opinion. >> harborside is operating legally under california law. you may remember what happened at oaks saddam in april. harborside is the second oakland dispensary to be targeted this year. amsterdam was a training ground for a lot of people who wanted to work in the marijuana industry but it is now out of business. >> we would like to hear from you viewers out there, what you think of the fed's cracking down on the pop shops? edith says the truth is people do benefit from it but re
obstructions that train 524 it just learn to buy 21 will now be used as the trains between fremont and the oakland coliseum said to plan for this delay is that there was a few like those hot summertime temperatures aloft with a few days not as in the forecast today the highest we're cranky the temperatures up to about '70s and then sell out the door we're still all in the 50s across the bay 53 in san francisco and to once and rosa and tim shares have dropped by couple of degrees red around sunrise sell satellite in greater tel the weather story lots of cloud start off with and some of those clouds will stick around to the afternoon temperatures will still quite a bit cooler today that he would decide yesterday could be 15 degrees below is how yesterday's air coming up will tell you one warm things up up and take a look at your forecast in the meantime patio we continue to fall developing news of vallejo fire fighters are watching for hot spots after an early-morning house fire patrick seale is there with cruz worried about the nearby homes tonight he joins us with the latest. >>>
're talking about the was smashed up. the chp wouldn't let us we had to keep moving sell if you're on your way to open this morning your in for some major traffic delays. budget videos yes 5. >>> and of course those people who were on the bridge the can't do anything about it now heading to the bridge where can develop alternate route taken take. system is no bridge the golden gate bridge obviously another bridge is in the area will be a good idea is to washington to occur about an hour to get from san francisco for the east bay to this is a live look former photographer on the scene patrick's video so it sounds like only one lane is going to squeeze by there is the approach in the investigation scene and i discovered from the chp you tell me around 1013 this morning that is when i hope to get everything back to normal so morning commute continues to get underway of course the delays will continue to grow and right now have several lanes shutdown. so let's go toward the upper deck of the bay bridge of let you know that upper deck traffic is not impacted this is only impacts in the lower deck
spots with pleasant that is puzzle right now 66 degrees and alan pleasanton u.s. is talking about the fire danger is going to be hot and is been very dry around here cell we've got notifications from several local fire departments to everybody you know the old warnings the fire danger is type as you can see in pretty cool right now it's good to be trouble digits fell by the end of the day here in the east bay the third spare the air day is the second ammines ozone pollution will be an unhealthy level the the air quality management is is is asking us to carpel chance of a bike to work today air quality is going to be at its worst in the afternoon which is of course the hottest part of the day. >>> originally leased have this camp at 12 and had to move always 930 because it is so hot nowadays the temperatures and getting up there some were taking a lot of water breaks. remembering to apply the sunscreen reapply it good advice from him. also drink plenty of water say the shade and try to find and a.c. if he can show the and also got an alert from fremont's making sure they don't kee
who give us more information on what happened and what is to come later on in the day. >> oakland firefighters are cleaning up after a fire at a vacant house in east oakland. neighbors reported smelling smoke just after 2:00 this morning. the home's owner and neighbors reported past incidents of squatters at that house. no one was injured and the damage is estimated at about $150,000. president obama is wrapping up another lucrative visit to california >> the president spent part of his day raising money in the east bay. he made stops at the scottish rite centered near lake merritt. another at the home of a real- estate investor and then off to a rally at the fox theater. lisa washington is at sfo awaiting the president's arrival. she joins us now with more >> in about four hours, the president is scheduled to leave sfo at 10:00 this morning to head to portland oregon to continue campaigning after fund- raisers in the east bay. he returned to the bay area monday afternoon after a trip to reno nevada. he arrived at the oakland airport and headed to the first of three fund-raisers i
. this morning the water department tells us a suspected drunk driver hit the hydrant just before 2:00. water service in that neighborhood has not been interrupted. a car chase started in oakland this morning and ended with a crash in emeryville. the two car started to chase it but they did not stop there. they then hit the streets of emeryville. shots were fired from a third car. no word yet on whether anyone was injured during that chase. >> new work police are on the hunt for men who fired shots during a jewelry robbery. they smashed glass cases and made off with some jewelry. nobody was hit by the gunfire. the robbers were all carrying semi-automatic weapons. that incident is one more example of why and armored rescue vehicle that can provide a shield area where victims can receive emergency care. that plan drew criticism during last night's council meeting of >> what ever you do, don't buy this stupid military vehicle. it will stop a 50 caliber round, is a military vehicle >> what is in mind is the safety of the public safety personnel and the community >> the cost to lease an armored ve
to her, to be used to establish a museum of his paintings at his estate. she found his body in his home in april, he had accidently overdosed on alcohol and valium. that was the end of several problems that he ignored in his final years and in addition to the separation from his wife in 2010, one of his companies sought chapter 11 bankruptcy that same year and was arrested for driving under the influence outside of carmel. his wife had asked these court proceedings be held behind closed doors, we do not know if that will happen but we will keep you posted and let you know when a decision has been made as to which women will be the comptroller of his estate. we are live in san jose this morning, cbs 5. >> one man is dead, the victim of a shooting in the oakland hills. police said that he was shot yesterday afternoon near mission boulevard, he somehow managed to drive a mile after he was shot and police found him dead on sun-kissed drive but so far no word of a suspect or a possible motive. in the tenderloin, someone opened fire from a passing car and injured a man. the victim told police
that he used the money to pay internet, phone, and credit-card bills. >> coming up, the new california city about to go broke. >> and the caped crusader has a new foe, rush limbaugh.,,,,,,,,, >> a horrifying mistake on the mississippi highway, a wrong way driver forces cars off the road for miles until finally crashing into an oncoming vehicle. the s u v managed to veer slightly to avoid a direct head- on collision but it was scary nonetheless. the two people inside of the s u v were able to walk away from the crash. tha group of fishermen had a close encounter with a great white shark off of the florida coast. well they were spearfishing 12 mi. out, when jumped in and saw a shark staring right back at him. the shortfall of him back to the boat. >> pick a shark kept circling, i could see the silhouette clearly. the water was crystal clear. >> the shark eventually left without attacking. >> federal judge upheld california's ban on duck liver. several providers have asked for a temporary stay until the battle over the ban has settled in a california court and the district court judge rul
there were no delays or injuries as a result. zero of us barbeque the city's richmond district the plate glass window shattered as he can see there hope your friend is going well so far as for the rest of the weekend's we love to this man and i'm getting excited. the equates the fact that is fighting it is the tomorrow and the weather's going to be very nice as a father out there right now some of that extended into the ban some of the valley is the temperatures are little chilly in spots. forties' in a terrace area of temperatures are going to be a little bit, in fact the number is popping up again towards a decrease by the afternoon news and 90 showing up in some of l.a.'s not clear to build it the fog red along the coast and it should be nice weekend. the only thing standing between a high- speed rail construction and construction is the state senate today it's expected to close on an $8 billion funding bill nearly 6 billion dispensed to lay the first tracks of the central valley the bullets from a travel from san francisco to los angeles eventually some of the remaining funds include
that security four meal production has increased and they're using more prepackaged food as the investigation continues. i read a statement earlier that says they're taking this very seriously in cooperation with all the agencies involved. >> that victim was a doctor ... he knows his stuff. >> exactly. at least he knew what to do in that type of situation. >> that could have seriously hurt someone. >> could you imagine the shock value of taking a bite? >> you always know when something for and it is in something that you did into. we would love to hear from you and we want you to answer this question, what is your worst flying horror story? carl says " who needs needles and airplane food when you can just deal with airline customer service, you get the same results. a little stinger right there. share your thoughts on facebook or twitter or email @ cbs 5 .com. we will share those later in the show. >> 6:16 a.m., let's check on the roads, how's it looking out there? >> we are holding steady with a decent conditions as you were your way through the state. here's a live look at mobile 5, you can
. >> at least half a dozen people using an atm in san leandro had been robbed at gunpoint and patrick explains the wells fargo bank is becoming a magnet for a gunman and his accomplice. >> i am here at san leandro where two men have been accused of robbing six people at this atm over the past two weeks. no injuries have been reported and three separate incidents were reported on sunday july 14th. a woman said tuesday she was approached by a man brandishing a handgun demanding money. she gave him what she had. the first armed robbery at the bank took place 7:00 p.m. on july 14th. police say be aware of your surroundings and if anyone knows anything, please call san leandro police. >> contriving is suspected in an accident involving a san francisco cable car near union square. police say an s-u-v sideswipe the cable car fleet last night. two cable car operators were slightly hurt but all the passengers are ok. >> the latest problems with radio failures for the oakland police department apparently happened on monday while the president was in town. the city's new radio system broke down during th
right now in aurora colorado. what can you tell us about the investigation so far? we will get back to her in tha moment, the president has issued a statement, and we'll tell you that in just a moment but let's go to michele griego who is on the scene and aurora colorado to give us the latest in the investigation. >> i just got onto the scene right now, there was a lot of chaos still here, a lot of police activity. as you said earlier, this happened about midnight at the movie premiere of dark night rises but what we're hearing from witnesses is that there was probably 300 people inside of the movie theater watching the movie went a masked gunman entered through an emergency exit on the side of the theater. we're told that he was dressed in all black with a face mask, he then through some kind of device, it could have been tear gas or something that produced smoke, in that theater and that is when he started opening fire. there were a lot of families in there as well. and then we were told that this suspect, as you mentioned earlier, that he was placed in custody, he was arrested be
into the air conditioning. did way they used to call him america's share of after in the credit that he was 86. >>> california's largest colleges and danger of closing stores from across the bay the excitement is overflowing in livermore therefore the july celebration is back to run the world's the store is the matter on eyewitness news this morning. open officers are searching for kids to may be at risk another chalice and hospital of life- threatening injuries lisa washington is at the oakland police department for more michele please a looking for the four children after they received a call from a baby sitter on monday reported that a three year-old boy was unresponsive according to that baby sitter the free world was left in the bathtub alone according to oakland police when the paramedics arrived at that home the three world was close it and try he was taken to a local hospital where he was revived phillies still has life- threatening injuries the babysitter the mother and stepfather were arrested on child endangerment and child abuse police believe there for their children may be at ri
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22